What happened to Alternatives to Violence?

As of March 22, 2018, the organization that has been known to Tehama County residents as Alternatives to Violence will now be known as Empower Tehama. We've put together an FAQ to answer the questions we've been asked about our name change. If you have a question that you don't see answered below, please do contact us to ask!


Q:  Why did you change your name?

A: When Alternatives to Violence was formed in 1994, the name concisely captured the services we provided: emergency shelter and related services for women and children impacted by domestic violence. Since then, our services have expanded to meet identified needs in our community within our areas of expertise. These additional services include programs whose target audiences find the name “Alternatives to Violence” a barrier to participation due to the stigma associated with violence. Our goal in changing the name was to have a positive, uplifting and inclusive name that reflects the essence of our purpose: to empower people to reclaim their lives and have healthy relationships.

Q:  Why choose Empower Tehama?

A: Power and control is at the root of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking: it is critical that we disrupt that cycle and empower individuals to reclaim control of their lives. We are committed to promoting social justice in Tehama County – and chose to include it in our name to emphasize our focus is on our community.

Q: What is the mission of Empower Tehama?

A: Our mission is to promote safe, healthy relationships and social change in our communities.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with this new identity that you couldn’t do as Alternatives to Violence?

A: With the stigma of “violence” removed from our name, we hope to engage more people with a broad array of services to promote healthy relationships including a 24 hour hotline, Advocacy, Protective Orders, Crisis Counseling, Peer Counseling, Court Accompaniment, Information & Referral, Therapy, Legal Advocacy, Emergency Shelter, Case Management, Prevention & Education, Housing Assistance, Psycho-educational Groups, Community Awareness, Transitional Housing, Support Groups, and Sexual Assault Response.

Q: When will the name change take effect? 

A: The name change will take effect on Thursday, March 22, 2018. 

 Q: Are services confidential?

A: Empower Tehama staff are trained counselors in their field (domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking) or profession (attorneys, therapists and social workers). As such, they hold privilege[1] as outlined in state law and provide confidential services. As such, services are both privileged and confidential.

Q: Will the rebranding affect your staff or services?

A: Our current staff and services will continue uninterrupted as Empower Tehama.

Q: What can the community expect to see in the future?

A: Empower Tehama will continue to be an active community partner, working together to promote healthy relationships, effective interventions and healing in our community.

In partnership with Tehama County Sheriff’s Office, we will open a community Child Advocacy Center where child victims can receive wraparound services from multiple providers in one welcoming, family friendly, trauma informed location.             

Empower Tehama will expand community education and trainings for professionals around domestic violence, child sexual exploitation, human trafficking and healthy relationships.

Engaging Men & Boys – to end violence against women and to serve males impacted by violence – is in the process of development. The campaign will include schools, high schools, college and the community.

Q: How can I support Empower Tehama?

A: Volunteer: Empower Tehama needs volunteers to serve on the 24-hour crisis hotline[2], help in the shelter or transitional housing, office and clerical support, and for local events and trainings.

Donate: Your contribution makes a difference! Empower Tehama is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization; your donations are tax deductible and provide services and support in Tehama County. Tax ID# 68-0330191


[1] Privilege protects confidential information communicated between the professional and client, preventing disclosure of privileged information. See evidence codes 1037-1037.8 (DV), 1035-1036.2 (SA), 1038.2 (HT). Attorneys and Therapists also hold privilege.

[2] Those who will work with clients must successfully complete a 66-hour training to hold privilege.